Friday, June 4, 2010


Yesterday was the 1st day of the Cherry Festival here in our city.

We took the girls after dinner to go on all the rides and play some games.
Kayla was super excited, as she always is when she knows there are going to be rides!

I was the lucky one chosen to go on all the rides with Kayla.
Next year Brooklyn and Kayla can ride together which will be very nice for us.
Some of the rides I could barely breathe on, it was hot and for example this helicopter ride was so stuffy I couldn't wait to get out!

Brooklyn was so good the entire night, she laughed hysterically when she saw Kayla and I riding on the swings.

A trip to the fair would not be complete without a Snow Cone.

Here is Kayla with her 1st Snow Cone!

BubbleGum & Watermelon

Almost time to head home so we got one quick picture of the girls together.

Good thing we got that picture in before all the crying began.
Kayla was not happy to be going home.


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Looks like so much fun! It makes me wonder if our little one will go on rides this year. last year she was afaid, she is like me that way...
Have a great weekend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks like a fun day! How Sweet, that Snow Cone looks to be about as big as lil miss Kayla.Yummo! One of my Favorite treats when it's hot out.

Mommy you were a good Sport! Rides and all.~Cheers Kim

Martha said...

How cute and what a fun day...I love how they are just smiling...cute pictures and that snow cone is so cute considering it's bigger than her:)