Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too Fast

It's been 9 months since we left the hospital with our new baby girl and just in the last couple of days she has clapped for the first time,
took her first steps around the coffee table,
has 3 more teeth coming, in addition to the 2 she already has
and finally slept in her OWN crib ALL NIGHT!!

(that was last night so I'm not counting on it happening again but hey I now know it can be done)

I can't believe how fast it has all gone by
and that in less than 3 months
I will be planning a 1st Birthday!

A quick Thank You to Tara over at The Cinnamon Post
for sending me this adorable shirt, just because.
Be sure to go check out her blog it is too cute!

Tara, I will be sending you a little Thank you gift very soon :)


Tara / the cinnamon post said...

oh Shannon your baby girl is such a sweety and so are you for mentioning me! it was such a pleasure to send the T to you and there is no need to do anything but enjoy it!

Martha said...

what an adorable shirt!!! And oh how it does go by too quickly...such precious photos of her:)

Rebecca said...

hi and thank you for stopping by my nice to meet you...can i tell you that your girlies 2 are nothing short of adorable and the cheeks on that little one..tell you have to stop yourself from nibbling on cute!

look forward to following your blog


Lissa said...

everything happens way to quickly doesn't it! But it's so much fun! What a sweet gift!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I always love to see that sweet lil face on my blog roll.Just Darling! Yes my sweet lil bebe girls are now 19,17 and 10 where does the time go.Ugh! ~Cheers Kim

Between You and Me said...

love that precious face...she is too cute!

also love the sweet gift that Tara sent to you....