Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lamps 'r Outrageous!

So I have been looking for table lamps for our Living Room since we moved in about 2 years ago and yes I have found some that I have liked but they were always way out of our price range. I knew what I wanted but just wasn't able to find anything within our budget until a couple of weeks ago. I found these lamps at Walmart and knew they were exactly what I wanted. I spent about $45.00 on each one so I was really excited.

Well this week I received my Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail and noticed some lamps that looked just like the ones I bought from Walmart.

I know they are not exactly alike but paying only $100.00 for 2 lamps and shades compared to the $399.00 for 1 Lamp without a shade sounds like a huge win for me!


michelle b @ every little thing said...

great score!!
looks really really good...and you'd never know the difference!!
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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

WOW! Great find! I love when that happens! and I'm loving those lamps!

Blondiensc said...

score for you my dear!! you showed them, ha!

{the vintage wren} said...

I love your lamp, and they look nearly identical. Congrats on finding what you were looking for and at a great deal to boot. : ) Carrie

Martha said...

love those lamps!!! ANd such a better price too:)

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

GORGEOUS lamps! FABULOUS deal!!! Good for you my dear.