Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

Hello Summer, we have been waiting for you!

We have huge plans for you this year.

Starting off with 4th of July Parties, fireworks, bbq's and ice cream.

Days spent out in the sun, swimming, sand boxes and water balloon fights.

Gardening and walks in the evenings

Dinners outside on the patio,

kids laughing and I'm pretty sure there will be crying as well :)

Family parties and get togethers.

A week at the beach where bathing suits and sand inside the house are required daily.

Summer, I'm so happy you have finally arrived!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your list looks very similar to ours! Happy summer to you!

DustyLu said...

Summer is finally here my friend! Hey girl! Stopping in to say hello, I am sorry I haven't visited. I am trying to work a great day! ~lulu

Martha said...

I love your summer list...oh how I wish the beach and sand were part of ours...someday...but you enjoy this wonderful summer!