Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1st Steps

Brooklyn is now walking but she is still crawling most of the time. She feels comfortable only walking around the family room and Kayla's room.  She is beginning to walk around the kitchen as well but she is taking things slow :)

When it comes to the hallways she is back to crawling, it's a long hallway I'm assuming she thinks it's too far to walk the whole thing :)

I'm excited for her to walk because I really wasn't looking forward to carrying her around while we are on vacation. I'm not so excited of the idea that soon she will actually be running throughout all of the house and I am going to have to follow her all day long. This might just be my last post for quite some time. 


tara said...

so exciting, she is just darling!

paige said...

sweet baby girl! & i love her peace outfit

Martha said...

oh my goodness she is such a cutie, sweetheart, and beautiful! Love these pics of her...and how exciting!!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

They grow and change so fast don't they? She is too cute!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.