Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Almost Time..

I've been cleaning, gathering, shopping and making piles here and there. Trying to make sure I remember to do everything that needs to be done and really hoping I don't forget anything for our trip. I'm thinking that this so called vacation might not be much of a vacation for me but atleast the girls will have fun right? Who would have thought that you would pretty much need to pack up the entire house when vacationing with a soon to be toddler and preschooler. There is so much to take that we will most likely be driving down in 2 vehicles.  But I am looking forward to the smell of the ocean and the sand on my toes everyday, the sun setting over the ocean and enjoying a glass of wine on our cute lil' patio every evening.

I am really looking forward to seeing two little girls soaking wet with sand all over there smiling sun kissed faces!!!


tara said...

Enjoy your vacation sweet girl!!! Swing by if you get a chance, he he!! xo

Jeanneoli said...

Have a wonderful time!!!

Martha said...

It will be so worth it...the packing and all...we did that when the girls were 1 and 3 and it turned out wonderful!!! It will be a wonderful vacation for you all

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That is so true about the packing and we only have one. You should see us when we go away just for the weekend. It is getting a little better now that our little one is getting older.
Have a wonderful time and if you're not rested when you get back, plan a girls weekend.