Friday, August 13, 2010

I Don't Want To Go!

Well it's the last day of our vacation,
the last day on the beach, 
the last evening to walk around the beautiful island enjoying and dreaming of owning one of these gorgeous homes 
and the last day of being as lazy as I want to be.
Once we get back home it's time to clean, 
time to celebrate numerous birthdays,
time to plan a 1st Birthday,
and time to get a big girl all ready for Preschool! 
We waited all summer for our family vacation and we have had a blast but I just can't believe it is already over!


paige said...

i feel your pain!
that picture is perfect!!

hope all is well
& congrats on your win too :)

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

cute post! i hope you had a wonderful holiday. it is hard when they end...