Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Kayla had her "Crazy Hair" Party today at Preschool.  We volunteered to bring candy which we made into little goodie bags for the kids in her class instead.  The theme for her party was orange so Kayla helped me fill the baggies with orange candy and some little slinkie toys we picked up from Walmart.  We then tied on some orange string with an orange spider ring and they were ready to go. 

We had to get ready for school fast this morning so we would have time to do her hair, trust me I wanted to make it a bit more crazy with bows everywhere or ribbon but if you know Kayla, patience isn't one of her virtues :)  It still came out cute and she was really excited to go to school and play with all her friends.  

They had orange cupcakes, pumpkin candies and orange juice for a snack.  She said she had a fun day at her her "Crazy Hair" party!


Martha said...

Shannon ~ she looks adorable and such a great helper...I love her crazy hair and that pic of so cute!

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

super cute Shannon!
thank you for the thank you and gift card...really that was unnecessary! i feel now like i should send you a thank you for the thank you.
you should know that it came at a time when i really needed a treat...and it certainly was!
happy halloween!!