Friday, October 22, 2010

A Wet Week

It rained all week!
 I can't believe it rained this much, normally a day or two and that is all we get, but a week? 
I know I was excited for Fall and all but raining everyday for a week straight makes it a little hard to get things done.
  It's not fun running errands with 2 kids in the rain.  
So we basically didn't do much this week except get caught up on sleep. 
I have been sick most of the week so the house has looked like a tornado of toys have gone through everyday.  
I'm still not feeling 100% but I am really hoping I am by tomorrow because tomorrow is Date Night and we all know how exciting Date Night is once you have kids :)
I promise to be back next week with some photos of us getting ready for Halloween!
We can't wait!


Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hope you feel better soon, Shannon. It just rained the one day here a few days ago, but it may rain for us today.
Beautiful pictures! Love the vintage window and bottles!
Hope you had a fun date night.
~ Jo :)

Martha said...

Hope you have been feeling better Shannon! ANd that you have a great date your pictures ~ the window and starfish and dish and everything looks great!