Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dead Battery

This morning I woke up to Kayla climbing into my bed like any other morning.  
Brooklyn was already in bed with me sleeping so I told her to be quiet so she would not wake her sister up.  
I told her we needed to get up anyway because today she had school.  
She threw her usual reply with how she doesn't want to go to school anymore because she is gonna miss me. 
I replied back that she has to go to school and she would only be gone for 3 hours and she will have so much fun she wouldn't even have time to miss me.  
This goes on all morning until I finally get her into the car,  by then she is excited to go to school.  
So once we did get in the car after I had to wake poor Brooklyn up, hurry and get her dressed and put her into the car without breakfast

  The car would not start!

Apparently it needed a new battery... 
so now after spending all morning talking Kayla into going to school I had to tell her we couldn't go to school and calm her down from crying because now she did want to go.

So after unloading 2 crying kids, yes Brooklyn decided to cry also.

We went inside and got Brooklyn some breakfast.

Then I sat around wondering what in the heck we could do today...

we couldn't go to the park,

it was too windy,

we couldn't drive anywhere,

So the only thing I could think of would be to color and let Kayla play with glue making whatever her heart desires

She liked that idea too

So even though I didn't get the alone time I was hoping for.  

The day ended up being alright :)


paige said...

oh bummer!!
i have been there too girlie.
looked like ya'll had a sweet day anyway

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Oh no! Car batteries never give a warning, at least you were at home!