Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing Around The House

I thought I would show you what some of the girls favorite toys and things to do are.

Kayla is only in school twice a week for a few hours, so most of our days are spent together.

I am a homebody so we spend most of our time at the house either playing inside or in the backyard. 

It has been a bit warm this week so we have been outside a few times but soon it will be winter and we will be inside most of our days and these are some of the things that we will be playing with......

This farm was what we got Brooklyn for her Birthday and both of the girls play with it all the time!  

All of the Fisher-Price Little People line is adorable and everything we have ever bought from it ends up being a hit.

Tea Party

I think we have tea parties all day, or atleast Brooklyn would if she could.

She loves sitting at this table playing with the dishes.

Kayla joins her now and then but usually Brooklyn is sitting her with a spoon in her mouth.

Kayla spends time in her room playing with her train set she got from Santa last year.  

We had it taken apart and stored it away for awhile but recently put it back together and this lately has been something she enjoys playing with now.

and both girls love playing in the their kitchen, there is a basket of food that is usually strung around the house from the many different meals they make for daddy and I 

 Coloring is another favorite except I have to keep the crayons away from Brooklyn because no matter how many times I have tried to let her color she still tries to eat the crayons!

Besides reading plenty of books, watching Beauty & the Beast as well as a certain Baby Einstein DVD over and over again these are pretty much the daily favorites.  

I am sure now that Christmas is just around the corner these toys will soon all change but for now these are what hold the girls interest.


Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

This is too funny, because my two boys are playing with that exact same barn right now...on the floor in front of me! And Toby, who's 3, just spotted that train set (with the lever, as Toby specifies) at Toys R Us, and he's going to "Ask santa" for it :) Your girls are adorable!!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

These pictures of your adorable daughters bring back so many wonderful memories of when my kids were little. Thanks for sharing with us!
~ Jo :)