Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enjoying the Rain

taken last January

It is actually raining here today.
It has been about a month since we last saw rain or since it was even cold outside.  
The last four weeks we have had sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. 
And even though sometimes I wish we would actually have winter weather I know that after just a few days straight with rain I begin to go insane! 
One day of snow or even two is so much fun and beautiful long as I don't have to shovel any!
I don't know how people do it especially with kids. 
I takes long enough to get them dressed for regular weather :) 
I am enjoying the rain today...
because it is Sunday and I have no where to be and at this very moment the girls are asleep! 
I am sure I am also enjoying it because I know that tomorrow the rain will be gone and I will be able to run my errands and get things done quite easily.
I hope whatever type of weather you are living with right now you are also enjoying your weekend :)

1 comment:

Martha said...

hoping you had a day without rain...we are back to snow and ice again:)...dreaming of spring right now...such a cute picture her hat:)