Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Little Tornado

Isn't this face so sweet?

Do not be fooled!

This face is very Mischievous!

We always know when this little person comes out of a room she has surely left a mess.

She has always loved pulling all of her clothes out of her dresser drawers,
emptying an entire bookshelf of books
as you can see here,
pulling out DVD's.
Atleast she put them back, right?

Her new favorite activity is climbing....

On Everything!

I like the way Kayla just goes about reading her book, Brooklyn was probably about to push that lamp on her head.

"Okay Mom, I will get down"

It is now become just plain fun to see what she is going to climb up on next.

Good thing I have always caught her before she gets into too much trouble and that I've always got my camera nearby!

She is sick here so I guess she figured she could just grab her own Kleenex to wipe her nose with :)

 Kayla was never one to climb on things and did not find it as much fun as Brooklyn does to make a mess wherever she goes.  

She is our little Tornado :)

 Here is her sad face and how she pretty much gets out of anything she gets into.

How could anybody be mad or say no to that face?


Kacey said...

Oh my gosh - I think Brooklyn and Wyatt are twins! Wyatt gets into everything. SO much worse than Adrian ever was!

Martha said...

that's hard that would be to be mad at that cute...and she sounds like my Hayley:) and that Kayla just keeps reading is so what madison does too:)
so cute

Kiri said...

She is soo cute! I can see why you can't be mad at that adorable face! Have a good weekend :)


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh I hear you, my oldest was the same way hate to say it she never changed and at 20 she is still a handful! Now my grandson is doing the same.Ugh! Best of Luck & Good thing they are so darn Cute huh! ~Cheers Kim

Lorri said...

Oh my goodness! Just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! Your girls are too sweet.

Kat said...

Your girls are precious!!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

How adorable! What a precious little face,It is really great that you have your camera close by and can capture these "adventures" they will be so much fun to look back on as they get older.