Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning I woke up feeling under the weather and so did Brooklyn.
Kayla is just getting over being sick but still has a horrible cough.
So all of my weekend plans were out the window.
Daddy was working all weekend so it was just us girls at home sick.

Brooklyn is so tired and miserable, whenever she actually fell asleep she would wake up not long after coughing.
Kayla has been good and helping mommy out as much as possible. 
I have had to remind her a few times that mommy can't run around and play because I am sick.
She is always happy to sit and play a board game though.
She even told me that she would be fine just playing Candy Land by herself.

The highlight of our weekend came Sunday afternoon where I felt well enough to make some yummy cookies with the girls.
I followed this recipe from The Pioneer Woman but left out the pecans and instead added dried cranberries and white chocolate chips.
They turned out delicious and I was worried Kayla would not even eat them because of the dried cranberries but she loved them!

I wish I could say that we ended the weekend feeling better but that is not the case.
It looks like we will be stranded inside again today resting in hopes that tomorrow will be a better day. 
I can only take so many days being stuck inside sick!
I hope everyone else had a healthy weekend :)


Tara / the cinnamon post said...

i do hope today will see the last cough out of you and your littlest.
i could use one of your yummy cookies to go with my tea that i'm sipping between sniffles:)

paige said...

so sorry ya'll are feeling puny!
love the lamp filled with seashells :)

A Rosy Note said...

I've got a sicky here too, so I feel your pain. Enjoy your yummy cookies...I hope you all get better soon :)

Sheri said...

Thank you so much for the blog help. It worked - yeah. I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a blessed week :)

Martha said...

hope you get to feeling better the pictures and those cookies do sound the changes you made to them:)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

So sorry that you all have not been feeling well. I pray that all of you will be feeling like yourselves again real soon.I will have to say that those cookies look awesome. I am pretty sure I have some dried cranberries but I know I don't have any white chocolate but I might just go ahead and make them anyway!