Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs & Peeps

Last night we decorated Easter eggs.
Kayla had been asking all day as well as every day for the past week, needless to say she was a little excited!

She likes to paint so I bought the decorating kit with the little rollers thinking they would be perfect and they were...for Kayla.

Not so perfect for Brooklyn to use :(
I was so sad that she couldn't participate that I almost ran out to buy the regular drop in dye decorating kit.
Then I remembered that with her personality it might not be a good idea.
She does not like anyone to help her with anything so it would most likely not end good.

It's okay because she decided she wanted to watch her favorite movie anyway.
Next year I will make sure she decorates eggs!

This morning Kayla helped me decorate some Peeps.
We dipped their tails in white chocolate and then decorated them with some sprinkles.
She kept saying "this is so much fun"
I think she liked this a lot more than decorating the eggs.

They came out cute and taste really good too!

We are just about ready to celebrate Easter Sunday with all our Family!

Happy Easter!


Becca said...

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

A Rosy Note said...

Isn't cute when they're so excited like that? My little girl couldn't wait to decorate eggs either. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Shannon :)


Kacey said...

We're doing eggs this afternoon. Our egg kit is definitely not as cool as yours!

Happy Easter, Shannon!


P.S. I think I'd take "Beauty and the Beast" over coloring eggs, too. :) It's my favorite.

Colleen said...

Your girls are both so cute! We did eggs today too. I love the roller idea. I didn't see those. Darline sent me over to your blog. I love your moss letter. it came out great!

CHH said...

Happy Easter! Our Baby Girl loves watching your girls have so much fun. We're doing our eggs today. Enjoy.

Lorri said...

Such beautiful girls! Happy Easter!!! said...

What a fun thing to do with Peeps...I'm going to remember that one. Looks like your Easter was fun celebrating with family.

Martha said...

what beautiful eggs...yours turned out so pretty and they looked like they had so much fun!!