Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preschool Easter Party

This morning was Kayla's Easter Party at Preschool.
I got to go in and help hide Easter eggs and get their lunch set up.
It's always so fun to go and see all the kids.

Kayla told me this morning, "I like when you come to my school for our parties.  Mommy I don't miss you while I'm at school but I love you."
I told her I loved her too and that I was happy she was a big girl and didn't miss me :)
Anyway back to the party, they are all listening to instructions above and in the picture below they are praying.

They got Macaroni and Cheese for lunch.
 One little girl said she didn't want it.
What, who turns down Macaroni and Cheese???
If you ask Kayla what she wants for dinner you most likely hear Macaroni and Cheese.
For dessert they had Strawberry Shortcake, we could have just given them the whipped cream and they would have been happy!

After lunch they headed outside for their egg hunt.
They each could find 7 eggs and then they had to go sit at the tables and let the rest find their eggs.

Kayla was done right away so she decided to go down one of the slides on her way back.

She had fun and was excited to find Gum in one of the Easter eggs??
Thank you to whatever parent thought that Gum would be appropriate for a preshooler!!!
Oh and this last picture is just for DADDY ;)
Meet Landon.
Kayla talks about this lil' guy a lot and let's just say daddy finds it a bit annoying.
I personally love this kid, he is a sweetie and is hilarious!!
Aren't they cute!  (hahaha)

3 comments: said...

Awww, brings back memories of when mine were that little :)

Kacey said...

What a sweet party! That last picture is why I can't convince Danny to have another kid. He doesn't want a girl!


Cyn said...

So cute! I remember when my daughter was little and loved easter and egg hunting. They grow up so fast =(