Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

We got up Saturday morning and got ready to head up to Oak Glen for a fun filled morning.
I had already given Kayla her much needed pep talk that I would be taking lots of pictures of her and that I would need to get some of her and Brooklyn together as well.
She was fine with all of this but only because I promised we would have lots of fun after we were done taking pictures.
I probably should have given Brooklyn the same pep talk because Kayla let me take a ton of pictures of just her, which I'll share later, but Brooklyn let me get absolutely none of her unless I took it as she walked or ran by!
All I wanted was one good picture of them together smiling at the camera but nope, absolutely none. 
I did atleast get them together having fun and those came out pretty cute.

We first stopped at Riley's Farms.
They have the best places to take pictures along with a lot of fun things to do, this is where we go to get our Pumpkins every year and where we did our Strawberry Pickin' last Summer.
Both the girls had the most fun throwing rocks in the pond and throwing sticks in the creek and watching them float away.

Oh and how could I forget, they have chickens!
This is the reason I couldn't get Brooklyn to stand still for one second and look at me for any pictures.
She was too busy running back to see the chickens over and over again.
If daddy would just let us have a chicken coup in the backyard this would've never of been a problem ;)

After finishing up at Riley's Farms we had planned on
going and having a picnic at another spot because they have the perfect spot to set up for a picnic but we realized we had an hour before it was even 11:00.
I remembered there was a petting zoo up the way so we decided to go and see if it was open.

Luckily it was and it worked out perfectly.
It was just the right size to waste a little time and the girls had a lot of fun feeding the goats and seeing pigs, sheep, horses, emu's, donkeys and many more.

After the petting zoo it was time for lunch so we headed back down to our favorite picnic spot and set up for some lunch.
We ate underneath the warm sun, we read a few books and just relaxed and enjoyed everything around us.
The girls some time running around chasing each other, always ending back at their favorite tree.

Kayla kept asking me, "Mommy who lives up here" followed by
"I want to live up here"

I just kept telling her,
"This would be the perfect place to LIVE!"


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Tracey said...

Hi Shannon! Your girls are adorable and your photos are beautiful!!! Looks like such a fun day!


:) T

Colleen said...

Great pics - I know the feeling though when you are trying for ones of them looking at you! hope you had a nice weekend!

Kerry said...

Hey Shannon, I'm new to your blog so I have some catching up to do. I just love the picture of the peacock!! Hope you had a great weekend, sure sounds like you did :)

Cyn said...

What a beautiful place! Love the pics!!

Bagriana Ivanova said...

Lovely children :)

Genn said...

Great pictures Shannon! We love Oak Glen. It's so pretty up there. I like the way you edited your pics too, so soft and pretty.

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

can I live there too?!

Christa said...

hey found you through the "finding new friends" blog hop!im your newest follower! hope you come check out our neck of the woods :)

Babymama said...

Tell me you're a professional photographer. Please.

These pics are STUNNING. So are the girls...just lovely.

New follower from the hop.

The Mommy Therapy said...

These are beautiful photos and your daughters are so cute. Sounds like a perfect day with your girls.

Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Link Up!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Wow, you take some beautiful photos! I loved looking at them. I am dropping by from The Adventures of J-Man and Miller Bug's hop. I'm follower 31!

Patricia said...

Looks like all of you had a great time. Which I had been there but you picture made me feel as if I were. Thanks for the outing ;)

I am following you via FNF.Following you on GFC. Stop by and follow me if you like.

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

What pretty photos! It looks like you had a great weekend with your girls! I'm an adult and I still love a good petting zoo :)

Visiting from Serenity Now

Beauty and the Green said...

Oh my goodness...all of your photography is stunning!
Its so hard to choose one as a favorite.