Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We had a busy weekend celebrating all the Father's in our Life!
Saturday we celebrated at hubby's brother's house with their dad.
The girls loved playing the piano and put on a few little concerts for us while we were there.


The weather was perfect this weekend which has been a much needed change after the last couple of weeks.
We spent most of the time outside enjoying it as much as possible before it gets too hot!

Brooklyn and Papa Russ

Sunday morning mommy and Kayla woke up early and made daddy his requested breakfast, homemade cinnamon rolls.
After 2 hours in the kitchen, which is much to long for me in the morning, we finally sat down to enjoy a Father's Day breakfast.

Kayla was sooooo excited to give daddy his present that they made for him
Daddy loved his race cars!

We headed over to my parents for the rest of the day where we swam a little, relaxed and ate food.

The girls enjoyed themselves by playing in the water fountain with the rocks.
It was a great weekend and we are so very thankful for our wonderful dads and to my amazing husband who plays with and loves his girls more than they know,
Thank You!


Colleen said...

your girls are just so cute. love that one at the breakfast table with the huge grin!

Michele said...

The girls are having a blast playing the piano :) How sweet is that photo of Brooklyn and Papa Russ?!? Adorable!