Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Gift

Daddy loves Formula 1 Racing so for Father's day while trying to find something cute that the girls could give to daddy that would be meaningful I came across a cute little pack at Target which included two race cars and some paint.


I snatched it right up and knew the girls would love being able to paint these race cars and daddy would get a kick out of their paint jobs.

I was worried how this was going to work with Brooklyn and paint but she actually got to it and knew just what to do.
I would even try and hold the car in place for her so she could paint it and she would take it away from me and shake her head no.
She knew what she was doing and was quite serious about her work :)

Kayla of course loves painting and any type of craft for that matter.
She knew exactly what colors and how she was going to paint her race car from the beginning.

They came out so cute and we can't wait until daddy opens them up on Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Father's Day Weekend!


Cyn said...

How cute!!! I'm sure he'll love them. Hope you have a great and special day with your family =)

Genn said...

How cute!
What a great idea. :)