Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Gloom

So I had big plans for today,
giving the dog a bath,
listening to the girls squeel as they ran through the spraying water duck
or hearing a splash as they slid from the slide into the little plastic pool at the bottom.

but instead we woke up to a very cold and fog filled morning,
much to cold to do anything fun that I had planned for the day.
I know it's still only June and that usually calls for the uwanted June Gloom but I feel as if every warm day is just a tease.
Everything goes smoothly with beautiful sun filled skies and then out of's cold and cloudy again!

I am going to keep my hopes high and keep telling myself that soon enough it will be so hot I will be praying for pumpkins and Halloween costumes.
For now the girls are spending their morning cuddled in blankets watching  a few favorite movies.


Colleen said...

love that pic! It's always so back and forth here too. I hate it!

Delaney said...

Looks like they're enjoying the weather even if you aren't.

Cyn said...

How cute, They look so comfy in their PJs!

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

What are they watching?

Is it Tangled?

Have a great night.

I hope there is lots of sunshine in your future.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Kerry said...

Hey Shannon, if it's any consolation we have had about 3 weeks of awful weather, but surprisingly enough the sun is out today!! Have a great day regardless :) (P.S. we love our Disney movies as well!)

Genn said...

Adorable pic of your girls Shannon.

I hear ya on the June gloom. I am so motivated by the sun it's not even funny. I was gonna wash my hair today. Then, I saw that it was drizzling and dreary, and said forget about it. ;)

Actually, it burned off and turned out to be really nice at our house. Hope it did for you too.

Thanks for the heads up on the cute popsicle tupperware. I am going to keep my eye out for some!

Jennifer S. said...

Same for us here too! My girls have their entire Ponyville collection set up and are actually playing well together! I wish we could go swimming though :(
Have a great weekend!