Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a List

Nothing exciting today just a list of things that we have been up to.

~Over the weekend my mom came out and spent the weekend  with the girls and I because daddy went camping with my dad and brother. 

~ Grandma played with the girls all weekend and they loved it! 
~ I didn't have to do puzzles, play with dolls, games, read books, make believe play, etc. etc.
Thank you MOM!

~ Sunday daddy came home with my dad and we all had a big yummy dinner with ice cream for dessert.
~ I let Kayla pick out her own nail polish at the store the other day and she picked yellow.

above polish dries super fast so it is perfect for busy little toes!

~ Brooklyn wanted her toes painted too :)
~ They didn't come out that great but they are painted and she is happy 

~ We actually woke up to a sunny warm day this morning and it finally felt like Summer!!
~ Too bad we spent all of our morning shopping at Target & Costco.

~ Brooklyn wanted to walk around Target & Costco on her own.
~ She decided to run a way in Costco so I had to put her in the cart where she screamed the last half of the shopping trip.
~ Kayla was very annoyed and I think some shoppers were too.

~ I just smiled and went on my way 
~ Brooklyn apologized a few times on the way home...she is polite like that :)

~ I'm off to watch the season finale of Army Wives while the girls are napping.
~ Have a great week!


Colleen said...

Oh Shannon, I am cracking up! This is like one of our trips lately. Colin climbs out of the cart and it's awful!

Kerry said...

What gorgeous pics, your girls are very photogenic!! I especially love the last couple of individual shots, I hope you have those in a frame?? Hope you have a great week too :)

Delaney said...

Your girls are precious!

Jennifer S. said...

I LOVVVVEEEE Army Wives!! I knew there was a reason I liked you! ;)
Yay for Mom visiting and helping out too !

Val said...

Wow...beyond precious! Love the pic of the yellow toes. So cute! said...

Hi Miss Shannon, I had to smile when I was reading your post about your daughter running away and then putting her back in the cart where she screamed some more. I remember those days. The best news is they do stop doing things like that eventually :)

Genn said...

Hi Shannon,
Oh I think we've all been there when our child is screaming as you try to finish up your shopping. Fun times right.
Loved your last post. I am going to try that but where did you get your cute popsicle tupperware???

Karina said...

I'm trading in my blue toes for some of that sunshine yellow. Adorable peek into your life.

Michele said...

The photos are great! The one with the little yellow toenails is too sweet!