Friday, July 8, 2011


I took these pictures during Father's Day weekend and forgot to post them.
Brooklyn was playing with bubbles and she looked so cute I had to share them.

She loves wearing socks and we were at her Uncle Joe's house when she decided to ask for some socks so his girlfriend offered her up a pair to wear.
She looks so funny wearing those huge socks :)

Could someone offer me up a freeze time button so she will just stay this little forever???

Well I'm being called to play outside,
and I've gotta enjoy it while I can!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)


Colleen said...

priceless! I feel the same way. I hate that C is 2.5!!

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

How fun!

I love the bubble makers too.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Delaney said...

I love BUBBLES! How fun!

Christine said...

You take such beautiful pictures Shannon! I have a nikon d90, do you know what settings to put on that will make my pictures glow like yours??

Kerry said...

How do you not just sit and watch her all day long, she is so cute!! Such a fun age of exploration and innocence...enjoy every minute :)

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

if you find that button, please, please, please let me know where you got it:) adorable.

Shannon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your girls are adorable as well!!! Also we share the same name! :) I will be following your blog!

Have a wonderful weekend! And when I have more time I will be back to read more. :)

Christine said...

She is precious Shannon! Enjoy these moments, our babies grow way too fast :*)