Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

I feel like I'm behind on posting some pictures. 
We have been busy the last few days running here and there.

Friday night I went out with some girlfriends and stayed out past midnight which only led to me being exhausted all day Saturday.
I managed to get myself together to go grocery shopping in the afternoon to arrive home to tell the family I was much too tired to actaully cook the delicious dinner I had planned on so off we went to grab some dinner some place else.
Kayla asked if we could stop at Barnes & Noble on the way home so we ended up spending most of the night there reading books.
Sunday we woke up, got dressed and headed out to our family reunion which is held yearly at a park about an hour away.

We spent all day there.
The girls had a blast playing with all their cousins and Kayla was ecstatic to finally hit a pinata!

Poor girl has wanted a pinata since her birthday!
It was a long but fun day visiting with family we don't see very often.

Monday morning came and we were up early once again on our way to my parents so I could drop off Brooklyn to take Kayla to the dentist.
We ran some errands and then arrived back at my parents to swim and play.

Today we are finally doing absolutely nothing and I will be making that delicious dinner I had planned on making Saturday night!


Colleen said...

Sounds like a good day to me : )

CHH said...

Hello Shannon,

Lots of Fun.

Brooklyn looks like she is turning
into a little blondie.


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