Friday, July 29, 2011


We are just about ready for vacation.
I have been cleaning like crazy, packing clothes and today I am making a ton of yummy goodies to take with us so we have easy meals and snacks while we are there.

The girls have been so good this week and very loving towards each other.
Yesterday they hugged and kissed each other a million times,
infact we have a sisterly hug going on right this minute!
I love when they play together and run around giggling and squealing.

Let's hope they keep their loving relationship up and running while we are at the beach!
I'm looking forward to a little Peace and Quiet.


CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

That is so sweet.

Just love it.



CHH said...

ps love their hats. Enjoy!

Kerry said...

Loving the hats!! Have a fantastic time at the beach!!

Colleen said...

so adorable!!!! Love that last one. Have a great vacation - hoping for nice weather for you!

Paige said...

They are so cute! Have a great vaca!

Cyn said...

Yay! Have an awesome time! said...

Lucky you going to the beach. You'll have to share all about it. Have fun!

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

Happiness is when the siblings are getting along:) Have a wonderful, fun filled holiday!