Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer in Snapshots, Part 5

I managed to get a picture everyday except for Saturday.
Saturday was a mommy day so I was out without kids shopping and enjoying some alone time!
I guess I could have taken pictures of my shopping bags but I didn't think of it, sorry.

Last Wednesday we did some grocery shopping where I picked up a new stroller for Brooklyn.
We wanted something that folds up small and this one was perfect.
The girls have been playing with it all week long, they are enjoying pushing each other around the house in it.

Wed 7/20

Thursday morning the girls played out back and then came in watched a movie and colored.
See Brooklyn with her favorite orange crayon?

Thurs. 7/21

Friday night we drove out to Palm Springs to meet Papa Russ for dinner.
We ate at Ruby's and afterward we went and got some yogurt.
The girls stopped to put their hands in the water fountain, they were hoping we would let them get in but that wasn't going to happen.
It was a fun night and I was happy I got some good pictures of them together.

 Fri. 7/22

Sunday we drove out to Noni and Papa Buzz' house to swim and eat dinner.
Kayla threw the biggest fit in the beginning, saying she was scared to swim and by the end of the day she was floating out to the deep end by herself.
We could barely get her out of the pool, she had so much fun!

Sun. 7/24 

Monday was craft day.
The girls each painted a few sun catchers.

 Mon 7/25

Tuesday was a day of cleaning for mommy
I mopped floors and vaccumed while the girls tore apart the family room. :)
We did manage to have a delicious dinner.
I wasn't sure Kayla would eat it, I knew Brooklyn wouldn't she never eats dinner, but Kayla loved it and so did hubby and I.

Tues. 7/26

Well that's it.
See ya next week!


Colleen said...

did you shop for anything fun?

Your dinner looks so good!!

Val said...

You just can't help but smile looking at these pics. The second pic is amazing.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Sounds like a fabulous summer! Do enjoy~Cheers Kim

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Glad they're having so much fun.

I love those chunky crayons.

I will have to pick some up for
Baby Girl.



Di said...

Mmmm, that dinner looks delish! Love your week in pics, the girls look like they are having a great summer and these photo's will be a reminder of these sweet days.

Di :)

Michele said...

This is such a great way to document all of the fun stuff you are doing this summer!

blessedmom's simple home said...

Your kids are adorable. I read in a previous post about the stubborn streak in your daughter and how you were worried about the teen years. My youngest daughter was like that too, but she's 16 now, and we rarely even argue. She's a joy to have around. There is hope :)

Lynn Richards said...

Your girls are the CUTEST!!!! We were in Palm Springs this last weekend as well-it was nice for summer time out there.
The pasta looks so good, I would eat what my kid's did not!