Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun Zone

Last night we headed over to the Balboa Fun Zone.
We ate at BJ's Pizza and then headed to the arcade, where the girls played and played to collect as many tickets as they could so they could pick out one of those horribly cheap toys that they all seem to love ;)

Of course the rides were next.
Kayla, Brooklyn and Daddy all went on the Ferris Wheel.
We were kind of worried Brooklyn would freak out once they got to the top but she loved it.

Next was the Merry Go Round and this is the fastest one I have ever been on.
Every year I always feel like we are going to get thrown off of it.
I was hoping maybe this year they would have slowed it down a bit but no, it's the same.

The night was ended with a stop at the candy store where we all picked out a few favorites to eat before we headed back to the island.

Only a few days left!


Colleen said...

looks like you are having a blast!!! enjoy the rest of it : )

Cyn said...

FUN TIMES! Love the black and white pic =)

Angela said...

Oh what fun!! We normally go to Rehoboth Beach, DE every year. I love the boardwalk and the lazy days at the beach. We have been doing it for about 6 years and this year we didn't make down there. I guess I'll just soak up the beach from your photos! ;)