Friday, August 5, 2011

Going Home

Our week long vacation at the beach has come to an end.
The swimsuits are all shoved back into their suitcases,
the sand has been rinsed off all the beach toys 
and I have been picking up toys and books scattered around the beach house all night.

Tomorrow morning we will be heading home.

I will definitely miss the beach and the lazy days spent in the sun but I am ready to be back in my home!
There is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed

It is so beautiful here and the weather was perfect all week except for some clouds earlier this morning that burnt off around noon.


Tomorrow before we leave we will head over to the beach for one last goodbye and to watch the annual Sand Castle building contest that is held once a year on the island.

Let's just hope that Brooklyn does alright saying goodbye to the Ocean.
Poor lil' one has gotten upset every night when we have had to come in and get ready for bed.
She screams "Ocean, Ocean, Ocean"  
I think she loves it here.
I don't blame her :)

I'm pretty sure once we hit the road we will have 2 sleepy girls just like we had on the way here :)

Goodbye Balboa, See ya next year!


A Rosy Note said...

Sounds like you had lots and lots of fun! Sometimes I feel like screaming "ocean, ocean, ocean" too...mostly in the winter though ;)

Colleen said...

Aww love the sleeping pictures! hope you have a safe trip home!

Susan said...

Lovely photos. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.