Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramblings & First Day on Balboa Pictures

Well we made it back to reality.
I love vacations but really is it necessary to come back with a ton of laundry and having to put away all the junk you packed.
You go away and have a great time, feeling relaxed only to come home to run to the grocery store because there is absolutely no food in the house and having to frantically put everything away
(yes everything has to be put away, I am crazy like that)

Don't worry we got everything done and I even had time to do some re-decorating that I wanted to do, that's what happens when I am at the beach for an entire week going through magazines.
I get a little inspired and can't wait to re-decorate things ;)

This week is going to busy as is the next few weeks.

Hubby's 30th Birthday is next week and we will be celebrating with friends this weekend so I will be getting things ready for that.

Then we will be celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary with a little trip to Vegas, sans kids of course!!
I think our trip to Vegas is going to be my favorite vacation for the Summer. :)
I can't wait for quiet dinners alone with my Love even though I am sure I will complain about wanting to go home and be with my girls.
I promise I will try and not miss them so much ;)

Then 5 days after we come back we are celebrating Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday.
I can't believe she is already going to be 2.
That means she will be off to preschool in one year!
I'm not going to do well with this kinda stuff, I just might be one of those parents that wants their kids to live with them forever!

To top all of this craziness off, we are going to buy Brooklyn her big girl bed today.
While we were at the beach, she slept in a Twin bed and did great so we figured we might as well make the change now.
It's also about the same time we switched Kayla over.

At the beach they also shared a room and the entire time we were there Kayla kept saying she wanted to share a room with Brooklyn at home.
I thought that would change through the week but no she still wants to and they are already best little buddies and did have so much fun together while in that room.

I do have my doubts and ultimately I am not too sure if I like the idea but when Kayla told me that she wanted to share a room with Brooklyn because she loves her and Brooklyn helps keep her safe, I couldn't say no!

So if it doesn't work out we switch their rooms back simple as that.
Except for all the organizing of things and decorating and re-decorating that goes into it, right? 
We are going to make Brooklyn's room the playroom, which we will be fun for the girls and I have some great ideas for that.

So if anyone has any experience with kids sharing a room, good or bad, please share!!!
Oh and I still have a ton more of beach photos so I hope you don't mind seeing them for the next week or so ;)

Happy Sunday!


Colleen said...

I love the beach pictures! Aside from the backyard it's my favorite place to take pictures.

Cute pic of you and your hubby!!

Anonymous said...

I shared my bedroom with a brother and sister for several years. We were very young and loved it. There was that feeling of security to hear someone breathing not far from you, and the talks before we went to dreamland. I wouldn't change it for anything. I have never had my own room as I married soon after returning from service in the Army....and it's still nice to hear that breathing next to you, the talks before we go to dreamland and a kiss goodnight.

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Have fun in Vegas.

It will be fun for you to get all dressed up!

Love the pictures.



Angela said...

We are actually thinking of putting our two girls in one room (not until this winter). I'm excited to see how it works out. Plus I cant wait to see what you do with their room! Have fun on your anniversary trip! Our 6th anniversary is coming up in September and so far no plans. I think I need a weekend away as well! Enjoy! said...

Shannon, I'm getting all caught up with you and your fun vacation. I LOVE Newport! We go to Laguna Beach every year. Such fun. Your upcoming trip to Las Vegas sounds really fun too. Try not to miss your sweet girlies too much. You need to get away with hubby for alone time. My older two (boy and girl) shared a room for awhile while they were young, before we had our third. They were 18 months apart and they LOVED it! They still talk about it and have great memories of sharing their room (they're 20 and 19 now, certainly wouldn't work out as well at their ages :) so I know the girls will enjoy each other so much. Waiting for pictures of their new room.