Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday This Week and Monday Last Week

After 5 loads of laundry yesterday and putting everything away I think I'm done with the vacation unpacking.
I also spent most of the day going through the girls' closets and sorting through all their clothes, getting rid of what they don't need or what doesn't fit anymore.
I had a hallway full of baby stuff that isn't used or needed anymore and I realized while sorting through everything that I don't like this room sharing bit because it is a sign that I don't have a baby anymore.
My little baby is a big girl now whether I like it or not.

We went and picked out the bed Sunday and hubby is picking it up after work tomorrow.
Kayla is so excited to share a room with Brooklyn and I'm hoping Brooklyn is up for this too ;)

After picking up the bed we headed to Target and bought some new sheets and the duvet inserts.
I'm hoping to head to Ikea this weekend to pick up some duvets.

After looking around online I figured my best bet would be something that didn't cost too much because after all they are little and who knows what could happen to their bedding! 
I promise to post pictures of their room and playroom once it is done.
Our 2nd full day on the Island we spent on the beach of course and then headed out to the pier for dinner at Ruby's.
I don't think we will go there again even though I do love Ruby's they did not have a restroom which meant we had to walk all the way back down the pier to the beach to use the restroom in the middle of dinner.
If you have kids you understand why this might not be a great place to eat at
 After dinner we walked back and stopped to watch the ocean.
The girls were instantly mesmerized with the skim boarders and body boarders.

We stayed there for a long time and I would have been fine staying until the sun went down.
But a certain someone needed a diaper change so off we went.

It was a great day as was everyday we were there and as I'm writing this I am missing the carefree days of the beach!


Sheri said...

Awesome pics - looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach. Vacation laundry - don't you just love it - UGH. Good luck with the room - can't wait to see pics.

Bella Michelle said...

Your girls are so precious!!!! I spent last weekend doing the laundry and seasonal sorting because my boys go back to school next week (I even ironed everything!!!) LOL

Genn said...

Sounds like a great vacation Shannon!
Your girls are so adorable.
Good luck with their room transitioning! I have thought about having my girls share now that Claire is in a bed too but I am so nervous. I don't know how the whole "nap" situation would go. lol.
Awesome picture of the skim boarder too.

Colleen said...

OMG I love that last pic of Brooklyn!! love your new header too : ) you've been one busy girl!

Michele said...

Great photos! I know what you mean about laundry after vacation. Wow!!! I also couldn't help but relate to the part about cleaning out the baby items. I must confess that I still have some things I need to giveaway, but I haven't yet. I can't believe I don't have a baby anymore. He's a big boy now! Sweet photos of your girls!

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

I love that suit that you
purchased for Brooklyn and that
last shot of her. You have to
put that one in a frame.