Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last of the Beach Pictures

Alright I've decided not to drag it out any longer so here they are.
I've got the last of my favorite pictures from our vacation so there will not be any more posts on Balboa Island after this...until next year ;)

This one below is Brooklyn's favorite pose, she does this all the time and says "look mama I upside down"
I like to think she is doing Yoga.

One of the nights after dinner we decided to make smores for dessert, the girls had never had them before and we thought it would be something fun.
Hubby and I also realized we had never had smores together which means we haven't eaten a smore for almost 9 years.
I had forgotten how delicious they are!

What a blast we had.
Looking forward to next Summer's beach vacation!


Christine said...

Adorable Shannon, love seeing your photos! Brings me back to summers in Cape Cod.

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Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Beach vacations are the best :) That is all my girls want to do for vacations is go to the beach. Your girls are just darling, they are growing so fast!
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!


Colleen said...

That last one is so great!! such cute pictures.

Kat said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls and your blog are adorable!!! said...

Your time at the beach looks like it was wonderful.

GuitarTrump said...

Awesome pictures! Your girls are absolutely adorable :D Oh, and nice music you've got playing in the background...I could fall asleep to that sound...

Stopping by and following from the "Social Parade" blog hop. Would love a follow back! :)



Andrea said...

In off the Social Parade! You daughters are beautiful - I've enjoyed your posts with my morning coffee. Look forward to more.
GFC / Andrea

Simply Sami said...

I love the blog.. Adorable pictures.. Now following.. Would appreciate a follow back

Simply Sami

Sunshine said...

Awesome pics...

Jami Nato said...

What cute kiddos you have!