Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Getaway

Today is my first day back in reality after having an amazing getaway with my hubby to celebrate our 7 year anniversary.
We were in Las Vegas staying at The Cosmopolitan for 2 nights and we had a blast!

The trip started out great while waiting in line to check in when someone asked if we were celebrating anything special. 
We told them why we were there and he said I'll check you in so you don't have to wait in line and then said he would see if he could get us an upgrade which we thought that would be nice. 
Well when he came back he said he had comp'd us $800.00 on top of what we had already paid and gave us a Terrace Suite!
We were excited to say the least but it got even better once we actually saw the suite.
First off the view above was ours from our balcony and the photos below were from our suite!

The place was AMAZING!
Everything in the hotel was so chic and we will definitely be staying there from now on even though it will not be in a room as nice as we had this time. :)

We ate delicious meals, relaxed poolside, enjoyed a few cocktals ;)
It was a perfect relaxing vacation.

While we were also there I had set up a surprise for hubby.
His 30th Birthday was a few weeks ago and I had told him his present was on back order.
He had no idea that Tuesday morning he would be driving a 430 Scuderia Ferrari around Las Vegas Speedway!

He is obsessed with Formula 1 racing and Ferrari so this was a dream come true to him.
He was so excited and it took some convincing before he even believed me when I told him what his present was.

It was great to see him so happy.
It is impossible to buy for this guy and he does everything for the girls and I so it was worth every penny!

It was so nice to get away just us two but it is also just as nice to be back home with my two favorite girls!


KERRY said...

You two sure are a hot couple!!
And look at that view!!!! Wow, how great is that :)
I love Vegas...I really loved looking at this pic of it. Thanks for sharing and glad you had an awesome getaway Shannon!!

Colleen said...

I agree with Kerry. Beautiful room. That bed looks so comfy!! Glad you had a nice time!

Kacey said...

Yay for little getaways! And - what a super cool birthday surprise!

Cyn said...

Amazing view! So happy for you! Thanks for sharing =)

Jen Kershner said...

How lovely! You are a considerate wife an you two are so adorable together. It sounds like the perfect weekend and the hotel room is way nicer than any I've ever stayed in!

Jennifer S. said...

You are a cool wife! My hubby would love that!!

CHH said...

Dear Shannon.

What a getaway.

The room was beautiful (so glad that they were able to bless you even more).

What a great idea renting the car
for your husband. Talk about seizing the day.

Love the picture of the two of you
and the hat(great taste)! I hope you have that picture someplace special.


CBO said...

So happy you two lovebirds had a great time away and the upgraded room...the cherry on top. How fun and looks like hubby enjoyed the bday gift. Take care Shannon have a great three day weekend!