Friday, September 9, 2011

L.A. County Fair

Yesterday for Brooklyn's Birthday we headed out to the fair.
Kayla had school in the morning so we picked her up and got to the fair around 1:00.
It was HOT so we were worried how the day was going to go but once we got there and saw how completely empty the fair was we figured it was going to be a good time!

I have never been to the fair when it was this empty so it was great especially since Brooklyn wants to walk on her own all the time now.
We didn't have to worry about her getting in the way of other people.

We had to check out all the animals first because that is my favorite :)
Brooklyn loved the pigs, there were a ton of baby pigs and she laughed hysterically at the babies oinking while they were trying to get food from their mommy pig.

Of course we had to stop for some photo opportunities :)

Next we hit the 'Be a Farmer' section.
This was really cute for the girls and they loved it.
They got to plant seeds,
milk a cow(pretend of course)
get the eggs from the hens
pick corn and fruit,
then turn it in for their money.
After they received their money they got to go to the grocery store and pick out some items to buy.

After that we went over to the horse riding area.
We knew Brooklyn would love this and she did.
It was the only time all day she looked at me and said "cheese" that says it all there.
She never wants me to take pictures of her.

The part of the fair that Kayla looks forward to are the rides.
It was soooooo nice that they could go on the rides together and that we didn't have to ride on with them and Kayla didn't have to go on alone.

I couldn't believe it when Brooklyn wanted to go on the rollercoaster.
We were worried but she absolutely LOVED it!

Once we were done with all the rides we went to the Princess dress up station.
Kayla opted to be Snow White while Brooklyn decided to play house in the play kitchen instead.

We had so much fun even with the horrible temperatures.
Both of the girls were so good and were open to going in the buildings and looking at things we wanted to see as well.

They were super tired by 5 so around 5:30 we went and got some yummy fair food.
We ate and then figured it would be best to head home before we had any tired meltdowns.

Good call because they were both out the whole ride home!


A Rosy Note said...

You sure got some great photos, Shannon. It looks like you all had so much fun. We just had our state fair here last week. I always look forward to the fair food too :)

CHH said...

Great pictures, Shannon

I hope it gets cooler for you soon.



Colleen said...

Hope you guys survived the heat!! Looks like they had a blast. I love the pictures of the girls on the horses.

Jennifer S. said...

What a fun day! I love the roller coaster pic of the two girlies. Priceless! said...

Oh I love going to the fair...hopefully I'll make it this time around. Your post made me remember the times we took our kids when they were your little ones ages. It's the best. Looks like they had so much fun. Loved all your fun photos. Take care!

Genn said...

Awe, looks like a great family day. Happy Bday to Brooklyn. What a cutie she is. Glad ya had fun despite the heat! :)