Friday, October 21, 2011

A Great Idea

Happy Friday!

I've decided that since I haven't been taking nearly as many pictures as I would like I am going to try something to give myself a little push.
Every Friday I will do a post where I will post one picture that I took from each day of the past week.
It's pretty similar to the Summer in Snapshots I was doing over the Summer. 
This will get my behind in gear to start taking more pictures and will be fun to have to look back on as the girls get older!
Of course next week will be the actual first week since I just thought of this yesterday but I do have some pictures I can share from this week.

this one is actually from a few weeks ago but it was so cute I had to throw it in.
The girls are watching the wind and rain together

Cali waiting so patiently for some food

 their favorite thing to do lately, chasing each other

naptime for prince froggy

waiting for dinner with their crazy nap hair

some Halloween decor in the Playroom


Brooklyn's face she makes when we tell her to show us her muscles 
she's squeezing those little hands as hard as she can!

one of the many reasons I love where we live,
those beautiful hills and cows on the way to school every Tuesday & Thursday!

Well that's it, I hope everyone has a great weekend.
We are off to a Chili Cook-off at my brother in law's tomorrow and then hopefully a Sunday spent relaxing afterward.


Kristin said...

Loving the Halloween decor in your playroom!!! Fun photos, your littles are just precious! :)

Colleen said...

I was feeling the same with pictures before our trip. I sort of found my mojo while there!! I am hoping I can keep it in place : )

Have a good weekend!

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Best of luck with your project.

I think we all need to be reminded
to take more pictures every now and



KERRY said...

Lovely pics Shannon, I always love your decor, you really inspire me with my home decorating :)

Genn said...

That is a great idea Shannon!
It's funny abotu picture taking, I go through total spurts where I do it al the time and am obsessed with learning all I can about my camera, and then I seem to put it down for a while.
Cute pictures you got for this post. Love the first one. Such cute little girls.