Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Living Desert

This morning we headed out of the cloudy, drizzly, 55 degree weather and headed to where it was beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees.
The girls and I visited The Living Desert.
We have been there a couple of times before but I wanted to take the girls again and I figured it would be something fun to do while daddy was at work.

Kayla was running from animal to animal being her usual excited self.

Brooklyn was afraid of most of the animals and was as happy as can be sitting in the stroller kicked back with her could care less attitude.

Boy, are these two different!
I thought for sure she would be excited to see the beautiful Giraffes but she was not , "they are scary" she kept saying.

Kayla asked me why Brooklyn was afraid of the animals and all I could think of is that maybe because she is still small and they are so big.
It makes sense when you think about it I guess.

She definitely did not have a problem sitting on the Wild Hog sculpture.
We were stuck here for quite awhile while she sat on this guy.
She loved him and refused to get off!

After we finally got her off of that thing we headed out to see more animals.
Brooklyn spotted this meerkat and fell in love!

She just stared at him and slowly walked toward him to give him a great big hug

Here's Kayla whispering to me telling me that Brooklyn is gonna give him a hug

I'm wondering how this little girl is afraid of all the animals but loves this giant meerkat?
She even gave him a kiss before she walked away.

After we took a break to eat some lunch we headed into the butterfly garden.

It is so pretty walking through all of the trails and the 3 times we have been here it has never been crowded.

By the time we saw this thing the girls were getting tired especially Brooklyn.

But of course they weren't too tired to ride the merry go round

We had seen everything there was too see by now so we headed to the exit but took one last stop to enjoy the toy trains.

The girls were so good and had so much fun.
I'm looking forward to finding some other fun places for us to visit together in the future!


KERRY said...

I love your photos Shannon, such a fun looking day!! I love Giraffes :)
The pic of your daughter whispering to you is precious!

Colleen said...

I love those close-ups of the girls. This looks like a fun place to visit with the kids. I'm jealous you guys are in shorts. it's getting colder here by the day!

Kacey said...

Looks like a wonderfully fun place for kiddos! I love the meercat part. :)

Cyn said...

Oh I love the train section! It looks like you guys had a fun day =)

Jennifer S. said...

Too cute! Great photos of what looked like a fun day! said...

Your little girlies are so adorable. Looks like a fun day for the girls.