Friday, October 28, 2011

Week in Pictures

It's finally Friday and almost Halloween!!
We have been getting ready by watching a lot of Halloween cartoons and of course eating candy
Saturday we will probably do some pumpkin carving and Sunday we will bake and get some tasty food ready for Monday night.
Right now the girls are coloring their Halloween coloring books and watching Mickey Mouse' trick or treat cartoon while I'm drinking a latte to stay awake :)
 I am proud to say that I remembered to bust out my camera everyday this week and  the only day I don't have a picture for is Sunday.
Sunday's are lazy days anyway so you all understand, right?

Last Friday when it was supposed to be naptime I went to check on the girls and this is how I found Brooklyn.
Oh don't worry she was perfectly fine and thought it was great that she got herself stuck between the bed and bookcase.
In fact she did it again as soon as I left the room and then told me she wanted to stay there!


Saturday they made a 'bridge' from the playroom into the family room which later became a road for their cars.
I may or may not have slipped on this dang thing multiple times throughout that day!


Monday morning I caught them cuddling up on the couch watching cartoons.
Love these moments!



Tuesday night they were coloring, they have been coloring a lot lately, especially Kayla.
Brooklyn is over it after a few minutes.


 After we got back from the animal park on Wednesday the girls decided to have an animal parade :)


Thursday night after dinner the girls were content playing with a popping toy that Kayla had gotten from school, even our dog, Cali joined in and watched


Well that is our week in pictures, I'll try to take some pictures of pumpkin carving this weekend but last year Kayla didn't want to help because it was 'too yucky' so I'm not counting on it this year :)
Have a great weekend!


Cyn said...

Aww how cute! Your girls are so beautiful, looks like you guys have a fun weekend ahead. Happy Halloween!

Genn said...

Love those pics of them cuddling on the couch.
I just love when I catch my girls like that. It melts me.
Hope you guys have a happy and safe halloween weekend. :)

KERRY said...

Hahaha that animal parade pic is cute!! I love the one of them colouring in and Brooklyn has the crayon over her eyes. You take lovely photos Shannon, your girls are gorgeous!

Colleen said...

They are so cute. Love the animal parada!!

Jennifer S. said...

Your girls are so cute and they seem to have alot of fun together! Happy Halloween!