Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm pretty sure we are ready for Halloween after yesterday!
I made our favorite chocolate chip pumpkin bread, ate pumpkin and ricotta stuffed shells, carved pumpkins and then topped the night by watching 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' while eating candy corn.
It was a good night and the girls enjoyed carving pumpkins even if they didn't actually carve a pumpkin.

We didn't think handing over a sharp object to either one of them would be a good idea.
Besides we could barely get Kayla to put her hand in the pumpkin.
 Once again she kept saying it was too disgusting!

Brooklyn didn't mind too much
Her and daddy did most of the emptying of the seeds.

I think Kayla pulled out one though :)

After all the seeds were cleaned out, daddy got to carving while the girls dressed up another pumpkin.
I made the holes and they pieced  together the witch pumpkin and then waited patiently for daddy to finish carving the other pumpkin.

By the time daddy was done with his pumpkin Brooklyn was done taking pictures but Kayla was happy to smile for me.

I'll be back after Halloween with our party pictures.
Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!


Tricia @ A Rosy Note said...

Wow! That's skeleton pumpkin looks so great! The Mr. Potato head type pumpkin is pretty darn cute too. I've never seen anything like that before. That's what my daughter needs.

Colleen said...

Emily wouldn't touch it either! She said it was gross. Love the carved one and the mr. potato one is cute too!

CHH said...

Hello Shannon,

I can't believe it's already
October 30th!

You're husband did a great job with
his pumpkin.




KERRY said...

Your husband seriously carved that?? That's probably the best one I've seen yet and the Mr Potoato AKA witch pumpkin is so very cute! As is the pic where Kayla has one little seed on her spoon lol said...

Oh looks like your little goblins will be having a great Halloween. Can't wait to see the party pictures. Take care.