Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

Seriously it's already November???!!!!
I have been running around all morning trying to clean up the decorations that have been up for the past month, picking up the kitchen from all the good food we ate and trying to stash the hundreds of pieces of candy that we have left over from another great Halloween.

I'm tired and have been running on caffeine all morning while the girls just now went down for their naps but never once would you know that they were up late last night and had to wake up early this morning.
I think it's terribly unfair that they always have so much energy no matter what.

They had so much fun last night and enjoyed seeing all their grandparents get dressed up to celebrate Halloween with us.
Every year we have the grandparents out to join us for Halloween night to go trick or treating and so they can see the girls dressed up.
The last two years we have had them dress up in costumes as well to make it more fun.
Of course the girls love seeing them dress up and it is fun to see what everyone chooses to be.

All the grandparents had great costumes again this year but the most popular was the angry bird costumes.
Everyone commented on their costume while we were out trick or treating'.
Apparently all little kids and grown ups love playing angry birds ;)

I always make homemade mac & cheese and tomato soup for Halloween dinner.
I now look forward to it even though it has yet to be cold on Halloween night.

After dinner we gather up and head out to watch the girls get some candy.
I was certain trick or treating would be an issue for Brooklyn because she is scared of just about anything and everything but she did fine.
The only thing Brooklyn didn't want to do was wear the head piece to her costume.
Kayla on the other hand was a bit more cautious about what houses we could stop at.
Nothing dark or decorated too scary which I have to say was just about all of the houses.
We did manage to find about 7 or 9 houses that were okay for us to stop at.

Brooklyn had to stop and get some candy from her own house before heading back in.

After we were done we headed back home to eat some pie and the girls got to dig into their candy. 

Once we eventually got the girls to come down off of their sugar high we got them tucked into bed and then they woke up to it being November.
I can't believe we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks.
Looks like it's time to bring out the Christmas Carol's!


Genn said...

oh my gosh, your girls looked darling!
so cute.
we have similar traditions, i make turkey chili, the fam comes to eat, and then we take turns going out with the girls and my nephew. fun stuff.
you all looked adorable in costume! i bet your girls get the biggest kick out of that.
now to secretly get rid of all that candy!! ;)

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

The kids and your parents look great.

I like your costume the best!

Glad you enjoyed the day.

Now, where is your mac and cheese recipe?



Cyn said...

What a beautiful family! You guys look so cute. And I love the girls costumes! =)

KERRY said...

Great costumes!! It's nice to see something other than scary and look at those Angry Birds lol What a great costume!
Nice pics Shannon, the one of the four of you is cute :)

Colleen said...

Love it!! I have to agree with Darline. Where's the recipe? it looks so good!

Jennifer S. said...

I love your girls costumes! I also love that the adults dress up. I think I will be trying that mac and cheese recipe very soon :)