Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Fall Home

It's rainy and cold here today so I figured It would be a good time to invite you all in to take a peek at our home decorated for Fall.
 We aren't allowed to decorate with skeletons or anything too scary and we usually listen to our quite bossy little ones because we all know they can make life quite unbearable with their constant whining.
I'll be sure to bring out the spookier decor on Halloween night :)

For now most of our decorations consist of pumpkins which of course is one of my favorite things of Fall.

I added some new throw pillows to the family room that I love but husband hates.
He says they look like Grandma pillows.
Too bad they are staying because they bring the right amount of Fall/Winter coziness to the room.
Oh and I know the lampshade has to go because it doesn't match.

I shared our Fall mantel here last week, in case you missed it.

Oh and it wouldn't be Halloween without the candy!
The caramels below are on my sideboard in the living room/dining room, I think I'm the only one that eats these ;)

Everyone else, or should I just say Kayla and Brooklyn know where to find the candy center in the kitchen.
Kayla asks for a Snickers everyday now after dinner and Brooklyn enjoys the Candy Corn.

Well that's it, all the decorating is done for Fall now we just have to watch all of our Halloween movies, head out to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, make pumpkin chocolate chip bread and eat delicious soups!
I think tonight would be a good time to have one of those soups I've been wanting to try :)

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Kristin said...

Everything looks so cute!! I wish I had decorations for Halloween but it's just not in the budget this year. I love your grainsack pillows too!!

Colleen said...

Cracking up about the pillows. I like them. I also love the different color pumpkins you have. That one on the pedestal with the moss (or whatever it is) looks nice!!!

Jennifer S. said...

Everything look great! Your house is so pretty! I am slackin on decorating for Halloween :( said...

I love pumpkins too. That's pretty much all I do too. Love those silver ones...where are they from? Enjoy the rain.

To The Moon and Back said...

Hi Shannon! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am loving your decor and all your natural elements. I am a new follower:)

Kiri said...

Your house looks so pretty! I'm totally jealous! Hope you're having a good week :)

KERRY said...

Shannon you have such a beautiful home!!! I love your decorations and that caramel looks so yummy!! Happy fall to you, it's all so adorable :)

KERRY said...

Shannon you have such a beautiful home!!! I love your decorations and that caramel looks so yummy!! Happy fall to you, it's all so adorable :)

MommaHen said...

Your house is like a breath of fresh air. So clean and pretty! The little rocking chair you have in your living room: I have one just like that , it was mine as a child. Thank you for linking up! I'm a new follower :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I LOVE your front room. Your cushions are gorgeous! I love the airy and spacious it all is. I've signed up to follow you!

And I got so carried away, I nearly forgot to mention that your autumnal touches are perfect!

Thank you for linking up to Modern Country Style's Fall In Love link party!


CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

Everything looks great.



alanna rose said...

Those are NOT Grandma pillows! I think they're great :)

We have candy corn out, but not caramels...but now I totally need some.

Sheri said...

I'm so glad you commented. Thanks for the sweet words. I could not find your blog - I just saved it again. I LOVE the old bottles in the metal holder - where did you get that? Your decor looks great. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

paige said...

love your fall home !!! i love having fun pumpkins & candy too :)

very merry vintage style said...

Thanks for the tour--everything looks great. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!