Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Painting

Friday night the girls stayed with their grandparents so hubby and I could go out with friends and then wake up early Saturday morning for a garage sale which we definitely didn't want them around since we were getting rid of old toys!
 I didn't get my girls back until Saturday evening and missed their sweet faces and little voices very much.

So this morning I woke up and decided today would be a good day to do some painting with the them.
I even felt like sitting down and painting a pumpkin so we gathered all our supplies and got to it.

The girls each painted two pictures.

Kayla painted a monster,

and some pumpkins

and Brooklyn's paintings are beautiful abstracts ;)

my simple pumpkin,

We all had a good time,

until it was clean-up time.

Then I remembered why I don't do crafts as often as I used to!
We had screaming and complaining,
a little one who didn't want to get cleaned up and then a big girl who was upset that we weren't doing more.
The joys of  having little kids.
In the end I'm still glad that they are home!


Sunshine said...

so adorable...

Genn said...

Hope you did well at your yard sale.

Loved your fall pics in the last post.
You house looks so nice and cozy.
And I happen to like those "gma pillows"! ;)

Val said...

Beyond precious...I love the pumpkin painting. It's frame worthy.