Sunday, November 27, 2011

Engagement Pictures

This morning I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for my brother and his fiance, and let me tell you it was a blast!
If I could get paid someday to do this I would be ecstatic. 
Of course there is a lot I need to learn but it was so much fun spending an hour taking pictures and then coming home and editing them.
It was also nice to be taking pictures of people who actually listen and can stand still unlike the two little people I'm used to taking pictures of.
Anyway here are a few of my favorites from today :)

They both LOVE hockey, especially the Anaheim Ducks so I thought it was great that they brought their jerseys and hockey sticks for some fun pictures!

Check out her gorgeous ring!!!
I'd say my brother did pretty damn good :)

Thank you again to my brother and his fiance for trusting me to take your engagement pictures.
I hope you guys like them and if not we could always do it again ;)
Love you guys!


Becca said...

OMG i LOVE them!!!! thank you SOOOO much!!!!!!!!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

You did a great job! Wow you got some great shots.I too take lots of photos for others and enjoy it.What a sweet sister~Cheers Kim

CHH said...

Dear Shannon,

You did a great job.

The pictures look very natural.

Genn said...

WOW, Shannon you did a great job!!
They look so good. Love the colors in the photos, and that black and white vertical one of them standing face to face is my favorite. All are good though. Love the hockey stick pics too. And her ring is gorg!

Colleen said...

her ring is gorgeous! You did great. I saw these on fb and thought you really got a bunch of good ones. nice change of pace I'm sure from photographing the little ones!

Jennifer S. said...

These are great Shannon! Good job!