Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Day at Disneyland

I'm gonna warn you there are a lot of pictures and they are all from Disneyland so if you don't care to see them I understand :) 
 Yesterday we went to Disneyland for Christmastime.
It's my favorite time to visit Disneyland so I was looking forward to going.
Apparently Kayla was too since she woke up at her usual early time and by 7AM while hubby and I were still sleeping she got herself completely dressed.
She then proceeded to our  room and told us we had to get up because "today we are going to Disneyland!"
She was a little excited to say the least!

Of course as soon as we got there I wanted to try and get some picture of the girls together but just as always there was not much cooperation going on.

Go figure, the one picture where they are both smiling would come out blurry!

Of course we rode all the same favorite rides over and over again and had a great time.
The park was decorated beautiful and the girls loved the Christmas parade.
The one part of the day I was looking forward to was the fireworks at the end of the night but Brooklyn kept saying she just wanted to go home and when I heard Kayla exclaim she was tired too and was ready to go there was nothing I could do but go along with their wishes.
I knew they were tired and Brooklyn was trying her hardest to stay awake an hour earlier during the parade so I knew she was exhausted.
I really wanted to pout and throw a tantrum but I refrained.
Oh well, there is always next year :)


CHH said...

Hope we can make it there if we're out there next September.

Kristin said...

Such great pics! My son loved the zip line, but the one time he rode it, he fell off at the end so that's his memory LOL

We had such a great time and I really want to go back at least once before the end of the season.

I totally get you on the photos - I have the same issue with mine!!!

Colleen said...

LOL. ok seriously Brooklyn cracks me up!! She's hilarious. That looks like a nice place to visit at Christmas time. The girls look so cute in their Christmas shirts.

summersoul said...

oh what adorable faces. I have two girls as well. Quite a blessing. I would love to get them to Disneyland soon.


Genn said...

Hi Shannon!
I am a little late reading this, but what fun. You got some great pics as always. Love their little smiles filled with such excitement. The pics in the car on the way there are great!
I have never been to Disney at Christmas time. Looks fun.