Monday, December 5, 2011


The Christmas decorations are still at sort of a stand still and that's because I am waiting for my tree that we are getting Saturday(I hope!)
I'm also waiting for my new sideboard that I ordered for our hallway and my decorations I ordered online during the cyber Monday sales.
Once I have all of that I'm hoping the house will be completely done so I can take some pictures to share next week.

I didn't get much done this weekend since we were gone all day Saturday and Sunday plus I've been sick and really should be cleaning my house right now but I just had to share these pictures from last week.
While we were at Disneyland we had the girls sit with Santa.
I didn't really think Brooklyn was going to go for it but once she saw Kayla sitting with him I think she figured she better make sure Santa knows she wants toys too ;)
She kept eyeing him, I think she was wondering if it really was him or not. 
She almost looked entranced by him, especially when he asked her a question she would just smile at him, it was cute.

Santa told both of them that they are on his "Good List" so let's hope they stay on that list so they can get all the things they asked for for Christmas!


Cyn said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful Pics!!!! So glad you guys found Santa at Disneylayd. I can't wait to take my little one =)

Genn said...

Those pictures turned out great!!!
Love that look that Kayla is giving Santa! So funny.

Colleen said...

Those are great! Colin wouldn't even go near Santa. So weird as he did it last year. love Brooklyn's face in that one with Santa.

Kacey said...

I love Santa! We took the boys to see him last night. Adrian was a little unsure, but once Wyatt hopped up on Santa's lap, Adrian was brave enough. It's just so magical!

Love Brooklyn's face as she checks out Santa. And how cute is Kayla?!