Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Christmas Tree

Saturday morning we finally headed out to get our tree.
The girls were so excited and we actually found the one we wanted pretty quickly, I might say I am pretty proud of myself for that!
Usually someone gets a little annoyed with me but I will not name any names ;)

The girls waited all day to decorate the tree.
I told them after dinner we would decorate it that way I had time to go through the ornaments and find the ones that they could decorate with.
Although when I displayed all of the ornaments that weren't breakable there were only about 5 of them.
Good thing Brooklyn wasn't into decorating the tree that much, she just wanted to play with the snowmen ornaments.

Most of the ornaments she placed on the tree came on and off and they are still being strung throughout the house daily.
Kayla helped a lot and and really enjoyed decorating the tree this year.
In fact she is still rearranging the tree daily telling me that it is too empty over here or there are too many in this area.
I'm sorry to say the poor child is turning into her mom!

I loved watching them play with the same favorite ornaments that they enjoyed last year and of course I love seeing my favorites every year as well.

I love the ornaments of the girls sitting with Santa for their 1st Christmas and of course any ornament with the girls together is always a favorite.
I order one of the girls together every year for our tree and then write the year on the back.
I'm sure these will always be my very favorite and someday our tree will be full of their beautiful smiling faces!

I just picked up this Santa from Kohl's a few weeks ago, I love that he looks like a vintage Santa and he's holding a bottle brush tree.

Usually I wrap ribbon or burlap around the entire tree but this year I wasn't up for it.
I just wanted it to be simple and didn't want to worry about it getting messed up if the girls played with the ornaments.
I like that the ornaments steal the show.

On another note Kayla had her Pre K Christmas program Monday night.
She was a sheep and had one line in the play.
She was so excited.
All the grandparents came out to see her and then joined us back at our house for dessert and coffee to celebrate how great she did.

 Here she is saying
"We could hardly believe our eyes!"

 She looked adorable as did all the little kids.
She kept waving hi to us and pointing us out to her friends sitting next to her.
She is growing up so fast!


Colleen said...

it looks so pretty Shannon. You must have been so proud of Kayla singing!

Pattie said...

Shannon thanks for the sweet comment. Your family is so beautiful.. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Thought I was a follower, But I am now... have a great weekend


Cyn said...

Aww Love the picture of Kayla putting up the star on the tree. Have an awesome weekend =)

Linda said...

You have a beautiful family. How proud to see Kayla singing. This is my first visit here. I shall be back.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Shannon,

I love your tree & looks like your children had so much fun decorating it! :) The images of your girls are just sooo cute! :)

Here's wishing you and your family a most blessed & bright Holiday Season!