Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

There are only 9 days until Christmas!
Is anybody else feeling like they didn't get everything done?
I had a bunch of crafts I wanted to try out and few things I wanted to do with the girls as well as some goodies I wanted to bake.
Of course I still have this next week and I do plan on baking a whole lot but don't know if I will be able to get my crafts done since I will also be cleaning the house for Christmas day.
Oh well there is always next year, right ;)

I thought since this is the last actual weekend to shop for Christmas I would share a few of my favorite things.
I love reading posts on favorite things so I thought you guys might enjoy hearing a few of mine.

First up are these earrings and pretty much any of the earrings from Armelle Jewelry shop on Etsy.
I have ordered quite a few items from her shop and have loved every single one.
Their jewelry is so simple and pretty.

Of course I have been watching The Family Stone just about every day while the girls take their nap.
I love this movie and cry pretty much everytime at the end. 
It is such a good holiday movie and really makes me want more kids ;)

I just received this print the other day from Jeanne's beautiful shop.  
I had my eye on it for the last couple of weeks and finally ordered it with some Christmas money I received.
It is so pretty and I can't wait to find the perfect frame for it!

Mercury glass is one of my favorite items to decorate with.
I have mercury candle holders scattered throughout our home and love the look of them lit up.
I pick them up whenever I see some for a reasonable price.

Oh how I love these shoes and have wanted them for probably the last 5 months but really can not bring myself to pay $129.00 for heels that I will probably only wear 2 or 3 times a year.
They are beautiful though aren't they?

These are a bit more practical and also pretty cute.
Tom's are so comfortable and it's even better that they donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased!


I have talked about these pillows before but I absolutely love these lavender filled pillows from Maria's shop.
I have them in just about every room in the house and they are always getting picked up by either the girls or myself just to smell.

I was so excited when I saw this lace top and thought it would be perfect to wear on Christmas day but then noticed it was already on back order until February.
Go figure, I find something from Anthropologie that is somewhat of a reasonable price and it is out of stock for the next 2 months!

I actually received a Scentsy burner last Christmas from my brother and my soon to be sister in law and have since purchased another burner and a few other scents.
There is one in my kitchen which I turn on every morning and there is another one in the master bathroom that I turn on while I'm getting ready to go somewhere.
My favorite scent right now is the Christmas Cottage, it's the perfect scent for the holidays.

Bath and Body Works always has great gift items!
The new scent Be Enchanted is my favorite right now.
I only have the body spray but will be going back to get the lotion very soon!

I'm so sad that I only have one more week of Peppermint Mocha's left.
I think I will have to make a trip to Starbuck's everyday for the next week to get as much of them as I can before they are all gone after Christmas :(

Well I'm sure there are a whole lot of other favorites I could come up with but I will not waste your time with the rest.
I'm pretty sure you all have a lot to do to get ready for the holidays!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have some time to slow down to enjoy this wonderful time of year.


paige said...

what a great list xoox

Genn said...

Loved reading some of your favorites.
I am dying for the leopard toms and they are sold out everywhere.
But I did get a really cute new jessica simpson purse today in marshall's so that cheered me up a bit. ;)

Kayla looked adorable in her christmas play pictures. Isn't that the cutest thing to watch?

Colleen said...

I am cracking up at the peppermint mocha comment! I better get on that as well : )

Funny you posted this. I had a bunch of things I pinned that I wanted to try with the kids. We did some of them a little while ago and took a lunch break. I need to get some wrapping done to make sure I am not missing anything!

Angela said...

I too LOVE the family stone and comment on the fact that I would love more kids! Too funny! Merry Christmas