Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Very Few Christmas Crafts We Accomplished

I can't believe that in only a week from now our home will be full of family, laughing, eating, opening presents and enjoying Christmas day!
I can't wait but also get a little sad around this time realizing that it is almost over and I will have to wait a whole year for it to happen again.
It always comes and goes so quickly!
We didn't even get close to all the crafts I had planned to do but we did accomplish a few.

We made these ornaments a few weeks ago.
I was actually doing them alone when Brooklyn came over and asked to help and then once she was helping Kayla of course wanted to help to.
It was actually perfect for them to stuff shredded vintage music sheet into each clear ornament.
After they were all done I added a little glitter and we had a bunch of new and cheap ornaments for our tree!

Another thing the girls made are these little necklaces I picked up at JoAnns.
I thought they looked cute and thought the girls would enjoy putting them together.
I was very hesitant to let Brooklyn near these small beads but I sat with her and helped her and she was actually really good about making it.

They have been wearing their snowman necklaces everyday.

The next craft is one I did.
I wanted to make a yarn wreath so I finally went and bought some yarn wrapped it around my wreath form and ta-da.
By the time I went to JoAnn's to get material to make my rosettes all of the Christmas patterns were picked over and I couldn't find any that would match my yarn so I ended up getting the white/grey material which it ended up being better since now I can use the wreath year round if I want.

I'm hoping to fit a few more crafts in this week but can't promise anything.
I've still got presents to wrap, holiday movies to watch and lots of baking to do.
Tomorrow morning we will be making and decorating sugar cookies which I'm thinking will all be eaten by Christmas but I'm sure we will have plenty more goodies to eat instead.
Have a great week!


Colleen said...

love your wreath. did it take you forever to wrap it? Mine did but I still loved the result. I also love your cute ornaments!!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hi there, I found your blog from Martha's.

Love all of the crafts that you did with your girls. I have boys so crafts are pretty iffy over here. Although we are going to try and make some ornaments tomorrow with cousins.

Your wreath is great. I hope you find lots of uses for it throughout the year. Maybe Valentines and then the 4th of July?

I also read your favorite things. Wowzers we like a lot of the same stuff. Those heels you chose are rockin, but I agree with you, I just couldn't spend that much on shoes that would just get worn a few times a year.

Genn said...

HI Shannon,
way to go on the fun crafts with the girls. We haven't done any this year. My girls would love the snowman necklaces though, I might look for something like that. We bought Hannah a surfer girl necklace making kit for Christmas that I think she will flip over.
Love the ornaments too, simple and very cute.
And your wreath is darling! I might have to pin this and do the same thing. I really like the color combo like that too. :)

SassAFrass said...

Such cute Christmas crafts. I especially love the wreath.