Monday, January 9, 2012

Creatively Made and a Yummy Dinner

 Today is the last day to register for Jeanne's Creatively Made e-course.
I really wanted to take this course and lucky for me I won a free spot through Paige's blog.
I was a little worried if it would be for me or not but today watching through a few of the videos I am so excited to create some of the fun things she and the other artists have put together for us.
If you think you might be interested be sure to head here and sign up tonight!!
I've already been gathering up my vintage goodies and papers to start on making my journal.
In fact I'm amazed I even had time to do laundry today and make a delicious dinner!

Good thing the girls took extra long naps today giving me time to watch the course online and get some things done around here.
For my birthday I received a pie dish I had been wanting and I couldn't wait to use it but really didn't want to make any desserts after all the junk we still have from Christmas.
Hubby suggested a chicken pot pie, so I did what everyone does when they need a great recipe.
I looked up how to make a Chicken Pot Pie on the Pioneer Women's website.

Oh it was so delicious and doesn't it look pretty?

It's always a perfect meal when there is wine involved :)

of course Brooklyn didn't eat it but I knew that before I even served it 
She likes to stick to her "smoothies"
I call them that to get her to eat some veggies but they are just the baby food squeeze packets from Target.
Yes, she will probably be 15 still eating baby food but hey atleast she is getting some veggies in her, right?

 Kayla ate all of her dinner but we did have to do some negotiating when it came to the carrots otherwise she said she liked it.

 Looks like we've got a new recipe to add to the favorites!
Click Here to check it out, it says turkey pot pie but I used chicken instead :)


Genn said...

Your class sounds fun and exciting! I haven't heard of it.

I am not usually a big pot pie fan, but that looks so beautiful and tasty! I prefer chicken to turkey in mine too if I am going to eat it.

And oh yes, always better with some wine. Now I want that too. ;)

CHH said...

Congratulations, Shannon! It's so much fun to win a giveaway.

Your chicken pot pie looks delish.

summersoul said...

thanks for reminding me about the class. I signed up this am and started tonight. I am loving it!


Jennifer S. said...

Chicken Pot pie and wine. My kinda girl. :)
Love this dish too!

Colleen said...

That looks so good!! I'm going to have to try it. I'm cracking up at Brooklyn eating the smoothies. I should try that with my little guy! said...

That chicken pot pie looks so yummy! I really need to try one of the Pioneer Woman recipes. They always looks so scumptious!