Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning started out with a little breakfast.
Donuts of course because it's the weekend and some Fig Butter I picked up from TJ's last night.
I had never tasted a fig or ever had fig jam until we went to The Summit House where we ordered a cheese platter and there was some that came with it.
Ummmmm it's the yummiest thing ever!
Mom, Dad why didn't we ever have a fig growing up???
The things I was deprived of ;)

Kayla is in love with this camera which also makes videos.
She records everything and anything and then watches them back cracking herself up at all of it.

See what I mean ;)

Brooklyn just lounging watching a Baby Einstein dvd
She still loves them

Geeezzz, sorry I interrupted you Ms. Brooklyn.

Hubby playing video games in the 'race room', his man cave.

 my Saturday morning spot with the computer and a cup of coffee

Looks like Brooklyn is ready to play.
She likes to play fetch
Yea don't ask it's something Kayla and her play every now and then

kids are strange, or maybe it's just mine?

I Love Saturday Mornings!


Jennifer S. said...

Saturday mornings are the best! Your kids aren't the only ones who are strange! Mine always fight over the empty boxes. My husband is playing video games this morning too :)

Colleen said...

I'm jealous! We have dance class for E at 10:30 so by the time we get up and shower we have to fly out of here! Love K's face with the camera. that is priceless!!

CHH said...

My husband was craving chocolate covered donuts on the way home this evening. He ended up stopping at the Hostess store.
Like Colleen, we had swimming lessons this morning for our little one today.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Michele said...

PERFECT Saturday morning! Saturday mornings when you get to hang out at the house are my favorite. It's just what you need after a busy week. The Anthro mug caught my eye. Love it! Your girls are adorable. Great photos :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love your Saturday morning shoot! You always capture the essence of what you are doing and make a great read with photos for all of us!
Love the weekends!!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a lovely, lovely post. Your home sounds so cosy and warm and special.

Saturday mornings can be really wonderful, can't they?


summersoul said...

those faces are just adorable! I have two girls as well. Aren't we blessed? I just added you to my blogroll.