Friday, March 23, 2012

A Spring Day at the Beach

Spring Break is already coming to an end and I'm not going to be a bit sad about it
It just means we are that much closer to warmer weather and more days spent at the beach!
 Although I was hoping that I would get to atleast sleep in during the week off, but nope that did not happen.
Kayla still woke up bright and early, 6:45ish every morning even after having 3 days in row without naps she didn't even sleep in!

At the beginning of the week I was worried about what we would do during the week since the weather was supposed to be cooler than the past weeks.
After coming up with a few different ideas I decided to stick with my original idea and take the girls to the beach.
I knew it would be an all day trip so I packed a few outfits and a picnic lunch and we loaded up to go to the beach, just the girls and me.

It actually ended up being a perfect day, the weather could not have been better and it wasn't crowded at all.
Brooklyn was so excited to be at the beach that as soon as we set everything up for a little picnic she told me over and over again "Mommy, I had fun today"

I'm so glad these girls love the beach as much as I do it's always been my favorite place to be!
I would do just about anything to live walking distance from this,

Amazing, right?
Alright here are the rest of the 100 pictures I took, now bear with me I'm working on shooting in only manual so the lighting of these pictures might seem all over the place. ;)

My little beach bums had a blast and all I can think of is when we get to go back again!
I think moving there would just be easier though ;)


Genn said...

I say let's do it!
let's move to the beach!
maybe if we lived together and split the cost of one house we could afford it? ;)

what a fun day for you and the girls!
did you go to laguna? now i am craving a beach day again too.
we just booked a weekend at newport dunes and i can not wait.

have a great weekend shannon!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love beach days... can't wait for summer!

Have a great weekend!

paige said...

is anything cuter than little girls at the beach?!
fun shots shannon!!

SSM said...

Great job Shannon!

I'm glad that you made it there.

Where is it by the way? said...

I'm wondering which beach you're at with those great tide pools and I am so with you, I absolutely love the beach. I dream about living there all the time. Your girls really had fun. It shows on their cute little faces.

Colleen said...

these are beautiful Shannon! I have to say outside and beach pictures are by far my favorites. what is better than the ocean and some little cuties?

Cyn said...

Is this Laguna Beach? The pictures are beautiful! What a fun day, the girls look soo cute! Have an amazing weekend =)