Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Snow Day

It's Spring Break this week and the weather isn't quite what I was hoping for but atleast it isn't raining.
I was looking forward to maybe taking the girls to the beach but I'm thinking it might be too cold for that so I'll have to think of something else fun to make the week go by.
I wasn't going to post anything this week but remembered I needed to share our Sunday Snow Day, so here they are.

We woke up Sunday to a blanket of white, twice in the past month is quite unusual here.
I'm not complaining though it was beautiful and of course the girls were thrilled!
Hubby was just as excited, he has never been home when it has snowed he is always away for work so it was nice to have him home to get in on the fun.

Brooklyn took some convincing to get outside this time.
I got her all bundled up and once we got to the door she quickly said "I don't want to go outside I want to watch a movie"
I didn't argue too much just asked her to go out for a little bit so we can play and then we could come back and watch a movie.
I was thinking inside with a cup of coffee sounded better anyway.
Usually when we have snow on the ground it's just that, on the ground this time it was still actually snowing and very, very cold!

Kayla couldn't wait to catch some snowflakes on her tongue

Of course we had a few snow ball fights

All the snow was gone again by Monday morning but it sure made for a great Sunday Fun day for us.
Now we are definitely ready for Spring and I'm hoping the weather warms up soon which isn't looking good when I just saw more rain for us this weekend.
Makes for even more of a reason to plan some fun for the week.

Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Colleen said...

these are awesome Shannon! Love the girls's hats. looks like they had a blast.

KERRY said...

These pics are just the best Shannon!! I especially love that first pic in the line up of Kayla and her daddy, what a precious memory! And I just love how the snow settles on things, it looks just perfect but so very cold!!! Looks like so much fun, my kids would love to experience that :)
I hope Spring arrives for you soon!

Tricia said...

What cute photos! Looks like everyone had lots of fun. I can't get over the fact that you had snow again, especially since it was in the seventies here last weekend and I'm in Minnesota :)

Cyn said...

Aww it looks like you guys had so much fun!

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

I think I told you before, I love those hats (especially the flower).

I also like your new font.

Enjoy your day!

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

I absolutely love all the pictures, especially the one with you and your girlies ;)