Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Eve!

Is everyone ready for Easter Sunday?
We have about 20 people coming over tomorrow afternoon to celebrate so I have some food prepping and a few more things to clean and then I hope to be done in time to enjoy a movie night with the girls and maybe squeeze in a bubble bath for myself!
I thought I would write up a quick post while I take a little break from the chaos to post the pictures of the girls decorating their Easter eggs.

They also helped me out yesterday morning while I made some pretty pastel candy bark.

I think they enjoyed sprinkling the m&m's on just so they could eat a few 

Love the colors of this.
Recipe found here

 Since I knew today would be busy we decorated Easter eggs last night after dinner.

This year was Brooklyn's first time decorating the eggs
She really enjoyed it.
I was worried she would make a giant mess but both of the girls were careful not to spill over the dye.

They are both pretty excited to see what the bunny leaves them in their baskets tomorrow morning
and I can't wait to watch them run all over the house to find the eggs the bunny hides from them.

Aren't the pastel colors of Spring so pretty?

Alright, I've got lots to do so I better get back to getting things ready for tomorrow.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your loved ones.


Sabrina said...

That easter bark looks yummy and the egg dying must have been a blast for your girls! I am so looking forward to next Easter when my son will be old enough to color eggs.

Happy Easter to you!!!

Colleen said...

wow, you have a huge crowd!! cute pics of the girls. have a great day tomorrow!

Genn said...

wow you are hosting a big get together tomorrow!
have fun!

your bark looked so pretty.
Have a great time with your fam!

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

That bark looks amazing.

You have to pin it so I can save it to my SSM pinterest page.

Enjoy your day!